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Private Investment Fund Seeks Traders (No Experience Necessary)

Publication Date: 05 Mar 20

Private Investment Fund Seeks Traders (No Experience Necessary)
Start Building YOUR Wealth With OUR Money!
- We develop your investing skills
- You trade OUR money
- We SHARE the profits (you keep up to 70%)

Trading is a skill that, when properly mastered, literally gives you the ability to print money at will no matter which direction the markets move. Unfortunately most training on this subject is garbage, and the vast majority of novice traders give up before they reach the point of consistent profitability.

Contact Name: Colin Skow

For those wanting to get into this world there are two primary barriers:

- It is very difficult to learn on your own and high-quality mentors are outrageously expensive
- You probably don't have $50,000+ of personal savings you're willing to put at risk for a full-time income

Now, imagine a billion dollar fund which has gained its success and growth by developing average people from diverse backgrounds into skilled traders. And they are so confident in their ability to make competent traders that you are guaranteed funding if you graduate their 4 month trading academy!

What if you could learn a new skill that can earn you more in just 1 hour each morning than you currently make in a day?

- Get mentored personally by experienced top-tier Wall Street Forex traders
- Watch a video lesson each day and then drill, drill, drill your new skills to perfection
- Get on-going personal support and coaching as you embark on and continue on your trading journey
- Trade our money so your own funds are never at risk, and keep up to 70% of your trading profit!
- Expert trading supervisors and software algorithms constantly monitor your trades and protect you from mistakes

=== What makes this program different? ===

Most trading education is poorly organized, doesn't teach you the full skill-set you need to be successful, and may be completely incompatible with your personality. The first thing you do when you come on board with us is take a personality test, which will determine your learning path and the trading style you will focus on. Your coaching will be tailored to embrace your strengths and help compensate for your weaknesses. You will learn all the skills you need to become a competent successful trader, at the perfect gradient, drilling each skill to mastery as you progress.

Most importantly, 100% of graduates are given funds to trade with so you never need to risk your own money.

What to realistically expect:

- It takes 3-4 months on average at 5 hours/week to pass all four academy levels and get funded
- You must invest up-front in your education, study all materials, and meet performance metrics in your practice account to receive funding
- 87% of students who complete the theory portion are able to make consistently profitable trades (high win/loss ratio, average win greater than average loss.)
- Once funded, you will start out with smaller trades and work your way up to bigger money
- Your trading performance is evaluated every 3 months to determine how much funding you will receive
- You get paid monthly from your trading profits
- It may take a year or more, depending on your work ethic, discipline and performance to build a full-time income (but in an hour a day)
- To prevent mental fatigue and bad decisions, your trading is strictly limited to not more than 2 hours per day

The fund currently works with more than 1,800 active traders who have successfully completed the trading academy and received funding. They come from all walks of life from house wives to military veterans, to farmers, entrepreneurs and even existing professional traders.

If you are of at least average intelligence and have the discipline to dedicate 5 hours per week for a full year, I am confident you can be VERY successful.

As with any potentially high income profession you must be prepared to invest up-front in your education before you can expect to get "hired" (or funded.) However, you'll find our program is extremely reasonably priced compared to other professional education. And you can think of it as a "commitment deposit" since your starting funds (once you have passed the qualifications) will be equivalent to your tuition.

The only way you can lose is if you don't invest the time and effort necessary to be successful and diligently follow the program. (One hour a day for a year.)

=== Ready to learn more??? ===

Send me an email to Tell me a bit about yourself, what your goals are, and why you think you would be a successful trader. Leave me your phone number. We'll set up a brief call to answer any questions and put in your application once you have made a decision.