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Looking for VP Establishment and CEO Communicator!!! - CLW

Publication Date: 30 Jan 19

Looking for VP Establishment and CEO Communicator!!!  - CLW

1805 Drew Street

Clearwater, Florida 33765

We are looking for a VP Establishment! You must have a passion for helping people, administrative & recruitment skills and Knowledge of State & Federal laws. Some previous experience!

We are also hiring for a CEO Communicator. Skills needed are high energy, excellent communication, attention to detail and willingness!! A self-starter!

Have you often heard the word Axiom and wondered what we do? Well, we develop and sell software to architects and engineers. These guys are the artists who are building a new world of Bridges, dams, and even the space shuttle at NASA! Our clients are global and we are very well known!

Contact Name: Michele Kenny
Contact Phone: (727) 442-7774

Working for our Company will give you some of the best working conditions to be found in the Clearwater area! The average time of an employee working in Axiom is 7 1/2 years! We are a close knit group of about 30 in-house individuals and additionally about 30 remote employees making up our team!

Our training is second to none, so you will get all the hatting you need to excel on your Post!

We are a small, tight-knit productive group and the average time of employment here is 7 1/2 years.

If you think this may be a good fit for you, WE want you!!!!

Now, about the CEO Communicator job! Energetic person wanted who is up for adventure, in various fun things to do!! You may be asked to find a dishwasher repair guy or take the dog for a long walk in the park! Maybe you will be helping to create the biggest SuperBowl Party Clearwater has ever seen!!

The person who excels in this job opportunity will be paid a bit more than the regular CEO Communicator! Fantastic opportunity for you if you are just starting out in the working life! Gain confidence and skills helping our CEO!!

No experience needed, but some administrative knowledge is a big plus!!

Email or call Alex or Michele at (727)442-7774!