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Looking for PES person – Work from home.

Publication Date: 26 Aug 20

Looking for PES person – Work from home.

Pasadena, California 91105

Expanding company looking for a PES part time, 20-25 hours weekly (to start), work from home! Have to be able to be available to work between 8am-3pm CST Zone M-F.

Contact Name: Annie Brown
Contact Phone: 818-653-0288
E-mail: copy & paste:

We provide names and addresses of people who have been in car accidents. You will be responsible for creating a viable number of new clients into the business.

Position requirements, you Must be...:

Executive IQ level of 120 over.
Fast particle flow!
Must be willing and have high initiative, a go-getter and be dependable.
Must have a production record in marketing and promotion, sales, and Div 6.
Must NOT need orders to get valuable products.
Must know how to get products of reaches/leads.
Must be able to keep track and monitor campaigns run and do stat analysis.
Must be PROUDCT oriented.
Must be willing to do calls out to prospective client base.
Must have high ARC and confront and control of others.
Must be smart and able to think cleverly with promo and marketing.
Must be able to have high reach in disseminating this business and an innate know-how in expansion through Div 6 lines.
Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in English

Starting pay is $20.00 an hour with bonuses. (some actions are paid $15.00 an hour)

Please email Annie at and follow up with a call.

Please include contact info, and resume (include 3 references with contact info of people who know your products in the above area). I want to SEE your DEMONSTRATED abilities in what you send me of the above criteria by way of production records etc…