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Holiday Sales Manager position!

Publication Date: 04 Aug 18

Holiday Sales Manager position!
Come and join our group! Make GREAT money by managing our retail stores during the holiday season.

Contact Name: Rosa Francis
Contact Phone: 818-399-9710/ 302-276-1317
Contact Fax: 727-230-7485

Fun selling and interacting with people!

Our products are made from high quality Sheepskin and Alpaca fibers that people love and enjoy wearing.

Call now for more info- (302) 876 1317

Success Stories!

I have worked seasonally with the company since 2005. It has given me the ability to earn good money in a short period of time and the freedom to have time off and work on personal goals in the off season. The products are amazing and fun to sell. K.B

Iíve worked with Sheepskin Gifts and Alpaca Too for 3 years now. Iíve never been one to work a 9-5 job and have always enjoyed traveling. With this job Iíve been able to see many different states, one being Alaska which is such a fun and beautiful environment to work in. On top of being able to travel, Iíve made great money, learned to sell, manage stores and people. Itís also given me the opportunity to take months off at a time to travel, spend time with family, etc. I recommend it for people that want to make good money in a short amount of time. C.H