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The purpose of TheRazzLine.net Notice Board is to provide an easily accessible forum for members and users in order to increase access to and communication with our broad community.

TheRazzLine.net is a privately owned business and is not affiliated with any other group, organization or association.
History and Background of the Notice Board - TheRazzLine.net
The original Notice Board was started in September 2005 as a facility for members of an email forwarding service to post notices about business  and commerce related matters. It started as a simple site and was used to promote jobs, rentals, real estate, things for sale, political opinions, etc.
Members were surveyed to discover what was needed and wanted with regard to expanded facilities for the Notice Board. The goal of the surveys was to know what the group most wanted to have on the Board. The most recent survey (Feb 2008) showed a VERY strong reach for classified ads, collections of member recommendations for "Best of" in various categories, a directory, events calendar, message board, barter service and other features.
That survey served as a springboard for the development of the new TheRazzLine.net Notice Board which launched on 08/08/08.
What’s with the name - TheRazzline?
In my school days, I played a lot of football. Most of the time I played the position of quarterback.  I was fast and I can throw well (present tense : ) and  I used to make up some intricate and exciting plays. Sometimes they got to be down right wild.

Eventually I was labeled with the nickname “Razzle Dazzle”. and later on this got shortened by friends to “Razzle”. Still later the nickname was cut down to “Razz”. The name has been with me ever since.

Between 1998 and 2000, I lived in Denver, CO. I met a lot of new friends and I began to acquire a list of email addresses to stay in touch with them by sharing messages, jokes, announcements, etc. Later, I began to brief them on what was going on in my personal life. I regularly sent out a personal newsletter and  I called it The Razz Line.

In 2000,  I moved back to Los Angeles from Denver.  At that time, what was the genus of the email service I run was being run by Jenna Ringle as The Communication Station. I was a member while in Denver and continued to be a member in Los Angeles. Jenna ran the line for a few years and decided to turn it over to pursue other activities.

The line continued to grow with new members joining regularly. Interestingly, I found that people had a hard time telling others about the service because they didn’t know how to describe it. It took too much explanation. Being a marketing person at heart, I realized I had an identity problem. So, I decided to handle that by coming up with a name for the service. Well, it was a natural to pick up the title I used before and I labelled the email service TheRazzLine!
The need grew for a Notice Board to handle business matters. I created a web site and called it TheRazzLine.net. Based on surveys for expanded services needed and wanted by the members this new and expanded Notice Board was created.

There you have it, the history of the name and the service.

Best, Ray McKay — RAZZ