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How to Cut Back or Quit TV - Tips & Advice
03 Sep 18 - By TheRazzLine Compilation

How to Cut Back or Quit TV - Tips & Advice

Some great tips and advice about cutting down the amount of TV you and your family watch -- Or getting rid of the TV altogether!

How to Cut Back or Quit TV


We used to permit TV watching scantly. EVERY SINGLE TIME, the kids would turn out needing/wanting MORE TV, their attitudes went south, they got cranky and argumentative, and they would not want to do anything else after us permitting TV other than watching even more TV. 

Actually, let me clarify this. Not actually TV. We have NEVER had cable nor a single TV channel, but would permit DVD watching (Disney DVDs mostly). 

Then about 4 months ago, we ditched the TV. It was hard the first few weeks, but now the kids NEVER ask us to watch TV and their attitude and well being is much improved. I am so proud of this fact and so proud that my kids are not electronic-ed out. Seriously, this is an evil invention.  They get to watch occasional movies at school, unfortunately. We actually occasionally let them watch “The Way to Happiness” movie, Problems of Work, Youths for Human Rights, DMSMH.  But that's it.They have to watch it on our computer since there is no more TV in the house.

You'll love that we don't own a TV or play video games or even go to movies. I can't even tell you how brilliant it is for my adventurously spirited and imaginatively creative, 4 year old to grow up without these unnecessary distractions. He is truly livin' and laughin' up life in the most magical of ways naturally! : )

When I lived in Germany, I never had a computer, TV or any electronic games. I always lived close to nature and took hikes with my daughter and we always explored the environment and the world. She was very much extroverted and creative all the time!

Then we inherited a TV and my husband started watching drama shows (but nowadays almost everything that comes out of that box is geared to be alarming and ugly anyways) and my daughter was constantly bugging me about watching more TV. All her creativity seemed to go down the drain and she just wanted to be a hypnotized spectator.

After a couple of weeks, I just took a part out of the back of the TV and didn't tell anyone about it. My daughter begged again to watch TV. I told her to go ahead. She switched it on and got a snowy picture and no tone. She looked puzzled. She tried a few more times to see if it would work, sitting on her seat ready to be hypnotized, but then after a couple of attempts she just gave up on it and started playing. My husband also got over it very quickly. We just went back to normal business and to living our own lives and never talked about that TV any more.

My daughter kept creating her games, doing crafts, playing outdoors, exploring nature, creating life. She had a never ending stream of creativity. She never was interested in watching TV anymore and could be easily guided with later computer usage.

I guess she just wasn't into watching other people living their lives, she found it way too boring, she was just completely into living her own life as colorfully, sensationally and creatively as possible.

The only thing I did to keep this creativity flowing was to inspire and support all of her interests without judgment and always had her do stuff, whether it was noisy, messy, no worries, it was alive.

Plus I took her out of any and all environments and institutions that made her tune out by having her sit still and listen all the time.

So the advice I would give is:
Just don't have a TV. It's that simple. This way the child doesn't even know how it is to have one. There is never any bugging about TV watching! Keep your child busy, creative and extroverted at a young age and have it build the foundation of their life. And don't dump them  into institutions that just make them sit still, be an tune out and finally conform.

Also be aware that by plugging your child into TV, computer or computer games, you are basically plugging them right in with the guys who own these media. They are not our friends, they have their own agenda of destroying the family and turning this society into a mindless hypnotized slave society, which is the exact opposite of what you wish for your child and for the future of this planet!


This is a very modern problem. What we've done to cut down TV time considerably is to get active doing things outside the house. Scouting, Soccer, Martial Arts, even BBQ in the back yard for dinners. I know this is not a new idea but it puts the attention on the environment and it was surprising how easily kids give up "Gaming Night" to go to a baseball game or camp out under the stars : ) Of course this would include parents actually giving up their production and personal time to get involved and get kids away from the tube and computers....and that could be the root of this modern problem.
The point I’m trying to make is to provide the exterior fun and not to try to limit or force kids to stop being stuck to the TV or monitor. Maybe they would start bragging to their gamer friends that they actually went to a forest (not in a video game) and used a real axe to split wood!! ; )
I don't believe there are any "tried and true" solutions to this. But I can share a couple of observations that may help:
1. I quit TV cold turkey. I never looked back (except when the Olympics are going on). That being said, I use Netflix for entertainment, I come and go as I please and don't get stuck.
2. My chiro hit a wall with his kids and their games. He and his wife literally cut the cord and confiscated the games that night. In a couple of days, the kids figured out their entertainment and all remains well to this day.
I guess point being, that no one ever died from cold turkey.

My favorite effect from turning off the TV was saving $50-$60 per month!

When I got married, my wife's daughter was 16 and sat in front of the TV every night for hours. I cancelled our cable service and that was it. She got pissed off for a while, but then found other things to do. She has since moved out, but my wife and I haven't watched TV for years, as we don't have TV. Just movies. I have projects that I am working on, so it gives me more time for those, as well as more reading, spending more time with my wife, etc.  Kill your TV!

I’ve raised my two girls with no TV, movies, video games, etc. all their lives. They maybe see one or two movies a year at the most. I have never gotten complaints from them, despite hearing about movies from other kids. Both my girls are never bored, as they are either in their art, building forts, creating games from scratch, playing board games, or just reading. They play outside and learn about life. They are so creative and so imaginative, and I am proud of them.

While I have a laptop and own movies for myself and my husband, we also find very little time to sit and watch one. There is a house to keep clean (we both work full time) and projects to do around the house, that when we think about a movie, most times we have too much other things we would rather do. We watch maybe one movie every two months.
I would never change the way I am raising my girls or how I am handling my family. We are an extremely happy and close family, rarely are there arguments in the house, and never fights. This area of life is not one that I ever have to worry about. That’s saying a lot!

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