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Heartburn Remedies
02 Sep 16 - By TheRazzLine Compilation

Heartburn Remedies

Tips and advice for handling heartburn from TheRazzLine. Plus, Dr. Stephan Price explains the processes of digestion and indigestion, and shares his own heartburn remedies.

Remedies for Heartburn

See a good nutritionist with an emphasis on digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc.


Check this out:
I can vouch for this, especially regarding the H. Pylori comment (see the article). On the few occasions several years ago when I had terrible heartburn I used an herbal product that I found that kills this particular bacteria. It completely handled the heartburn, and fast.

This is the exact product that I found, which worked beautifully -- I would only take it for maybe 2-3 days.   ďAdvanced Stomach Support FormulaĒ. One can search the internet for the best price. I havenít had to take it for years, but probably Iíve taken it on maybe 5 different occasions throughout the years.  It worked beautifully !


Peppermint helps. Pure peppermint oil, in a dropper bottle, from the health food store gives instant relief.


If a person has chronic heartburn and is taking Tums, their diet is probably causing or majorly contributing to the condition.


Sherry Brescia is an expert on digestive problems - Sheís an advocate of a drug free world, and promotes eating right to have a healthy body. I enjoy her blog/newsletters and find them easy to understand. I especially enjoy how she simply explains the body, itís structure and functions. Her website is:


Two suggestions: 

1. For immediate relief, chew on a small amount of BLANCHED slivered almonds. It's magic.

2. For a long term handling, a combination of enzymes and probiotics. I suggest using the very best of these you can get. I get mine from Kevin Brown, a nutritionist. It will take quite a bit of enzymes at the beginning.


My wife handled her heartburn by eating mostly raw food which contains enzymes that aid digestion. 

She also did a stint of plain yoghurt. I would suggest European-style yoghurt. In addition I suggest taking a good probiotic in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast with nothing but water.

Stop drinking sodas. Drink water and only water or herbal tea. Cut out bread that contains Gluten, (wheat, barley, rye, etc.) as gluten irritates the intestine. Cut down on flour products generally as it feeds the wrong kind of bacteria. Eat small meals but more frequently. Stop eating sugar and high-fructose corn syrup (feeds the wrong kind of bacteria).


I suffered from heartburn and found that educating myself on heartburn and taking probiotics helped tremendously. Iíve been taking probiotics for several years now every morning. I buy New Chapter probiotics ( and raw probiotics from Whole Foods or the Vitamin Shop. Iíve also taken chewable Papaya enzyme tablets but those are just a temporary fix. The cause of heartburn really does boil down to what a person eats. Hope this helps


Have you gotten checked out for a hiatal hernia? Thatís what I was diagnosed with and a chiropractor handled it. Also, I was told my body was too acidic so I switched to a more alkaline diet. I use vinegar and lemons instead of Tums to handle any heartburn.


Think antacids are the best thing for heartburn? Think again. They may be the worst treatment of all. Most heartburn is actually caused by too little acid in the stomach, not too much.

Check out this feature story on heartburn - it reveals the details:


1. Apple Cider Vinegar - although this works for some people, it's not a good remedy for everyone. If I take ACV it just makes the acidic condition worse.

2. I've had great success with aloe vera juice. Very soothing and apparently it coats and heals the esohagus and digestive tract, but it should be cold pressed aole vera!

3. I have had tremendous success with the Water Cure. I recommend the book by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. called Your Body's Many Cries for Water especially chapter 3, where he explains the reason that acide reflux/heartburn occurs.

There are two websites: and I completely got rid of my symptoms by using this system. Hope that helps!


If someone has bad heartburn my guess is the person has intestinal problems. Might not be a bad idea to see a Gastro-Intestinal doc. However, taking good digestive enzymes might work as well. You can start by taking a couple but can increase them as you see how they work. They should be taken around 5 minutes before eating. I believe one of the causes of heartburn is the food not digesting properly.


For seventeen years Iíve been a rep for Cell Tech now called Simplexity Health (Super Blue Green Algae). This shouldnít be taken as medical advice, however, I will give you some info that may be useful in handling the heartburn. 
Natural doctors usually talk about heartburn at every convention. Most people get heartburn because they arenít digesting their food, so the body dumps in acid after the fact. One handling is as simple as chewing food properly (at least 20 chews) along with smaller bites. This allows the saliva to start the process of digestion. Also, good enzymes help digest the food by taking them right before the meal or with the meal. Iíve seen some of the worst heartburn cases be handled with this info and I hope this happens for you.

Also, it is a good idea to remain upright for an hour or so after eating if possible. If not, the personís upper body should be elevated 6 to 12 inches. If that doesnít handle it right away have them try smaller meals more often. Most likely some good probiotics are necessary as well.
The products can be purchased online and at most health food stores. Of course, I think we have some of the best available. I believe decades ago Adele Davis recommended hydrochloric acid with each meal for a while and I know someone who still uses this approach with certain types of meals that trigger the heartburn attacks.


What causes heartburn is the type of food that is eaten and the bodyís PH. I fixed this by staying away from acid causing foods (white flour, sugar, processed foods, soda, coffee, spicy food, etc.), and drinking alkaline water.

It's made a huge difference in my digestion and my energy. I've also lost weight because I don't have to eat all those Tums ; ) 


I recommend AquaLyte and Ionyte, available at AquaLyte and Ionyte have not only helped me with my heartburn, but with other health issues as well. The testimonials on the site are amazing.

I have spoken with Fred Kaufman numerous times about his products and have heard miracle stories from him. He is very open to speaking with anyone about his product; his phone number is on the website. According to Kaufman, the above mentioned products set up a condition in the body where viruses and bacteria can't survive.

Below is an excerpt from my own testimonial:

I came across Fred Kaufman's which has two products that have helped handle a number of body problems including: decreased energy, fatigue, rashes, stomach pain, back pain, pain in general, chronic headaches, psoriasis, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, aging, arthritis, bacteria, viruses, fibromyalgia, cancer and you name it. I went over the whole site and heard the audio on the home page which is very enlightening. Based on what Kaufman found, he saved his mother's life who had cancer and had about five months to live. Sixteen years later sheís still alive. It is well worth taking the time to go over the site, especially the testimonials.


Taking Tums is the wrong thing to do for heartburn.

I would suggest reading Let's Get Well by Adelle Davis, especially the section on heartburn. It is well worth trying.


I get heartburn all the time, except for when I cut out carbs, dairy, eat fruit in the morning, and protein and veggies the rest of the day.
Sometimes I donít eat that well so I have a holistic doctor that handles the heartburn.   
Dr. Tom Skrenes is a holistic chiropractor in Orange County who creates herbal and homeopathic formulas which have resolved my heartburn. The bottle costs $40.00 and it works. I have noticed a combination of eating right and taking the homeopathic formula is really the most best of both worlds. 


Anyone having heartburn for years definitely needs to get it checked out by a doctor. Tums won't help as heartburn is usually caused by too little acid in the stomach. Hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes can help, but again, if the heartburn has been going on for years itís important to see a doctor. That continuing pain could be something more serious and the thing causing it should be found right away. Hope this helps.


Apple cider vinegar works, although an allergy could be causing the heartburn. My dad had chronic heartburn for about twenty years, and when he cleaned up his diet the heartburn stopped. He took out processed and junk foods.

I'd try the apple cider vinegar. A couple of tablespoons in some water should do it. Good luck!


A typical GI specialist is going to want to put heartburn sufferers on acid-reduction medicines. That can be very beneficial, and it could be bad, as those drugs do have side effects. There are natural ways to handle reflux Ė losing weight is helpful. Sleeping propped up at an incline also helps. Occasionally, if I overeat or get into foods that are really acidic, I need Tums too. But I prefer ľ teaspoon of baking soda in water.  It does the job.

A doctor we had in NYC told my husband baking soda is just as effective as Tums.  But it does contain salt, so you have to watch that if the person canít tolerate salt.  One supposed benefit of baking soda is that it alkalizes the body, which is supposed to stop cancerÖ.I donít know how true all of that is.

I have personal experience with severe acid reflux. I don't want to be alarming, but severe acid reflux (heartburn) can put one in a higher risk category for "Barrettís EsophagusĒ. The first stage of abnormality is when the normal cells get a little pinker and look abnormal. It is diagnosed by doing an endoscopy Ė sort of like a colonoscopy Ė but they check out the esophagus. The prep is much easier than a colonoscopy, but the procedure does require some sort of anesthesia.  

Statistically, one in every hundred people with Barrettís Esophagus develop esophageal cancer. It is very rare BUT is on the rise, and they donít have good chemo or treatments for it. Plus, itís a sneaky cancer because the symptoms donít often show until way after the cancer has spread and become Stage 4.


Doctor Oz recommends two ounces of aloe vera juice per day. I tried it and it has helped me immensely with digestive issues.


I had heartburn for years and I took a scientific approach to the heartburn problem.  I looked at it and realized that it is just too much acid in the stomach. And all these remedies are just alkaline remedies.
I found out what foods are alkaline by downloading the acid/alkaline chart on the internet. Most raw vegetables are alkaline, but when cooked turn acidic. Therefore, I would eat raw cabbage or anything that was alkaline.
My best solution to soothe heartburn was to eat watermelon. I drank nothing but ate watermelon and the heartburn ceased.
Do some research, try some alkaline foods that you like, experiment, have fun and most of all cut the acidic foods that you can.

Go to and follow the instructions there. The first thing to do is to combine food correctly. I used to have heartburn until I started food combination.


There is a book and a very simple system which can handle virtually all gastrointestinal complaints including heartburn. It was recommended to me by a good friend and she loves it. It's called Great Taste No Pain. Here is where to purchase the book:

The website opens with an audio message from Sherry Brescia.


Two things have worked very well for me:

1. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and minimal starch, sugar, fat and avoiding alcohol
2. Drinking aloe vera juice daily

When I do the above steps, I don't ever have heartburn. When I forget them, I do. I have tried Tums, Nexium, Prilosec, etc. and none worked like the above.


I had heartburn for about four years and it is finally getting better. These are the steps that work for me: Cut back on carbs, drink plenty of water, don't eat late, slow down when eating, chew food very well, and cut back on spicy and hot spicy foods. Don't eat the foods that trigger it. I got some really good digestive enzymes at the GNC, also take Gastrx which is a Standard Process supplement.

Another remedy which works very well is apple cider vinegar. You can Google this for more info. I make mine by mixing one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of honey into a glass of water. This tastes like apple juice.

I wish you much success in finding a solution.


Make sure you are not gluten sensitive. I get acid reflux when I eat foods containing gluten. I had bad heartburn when I was younger (did not know about gluten intolerance back then) and Tums did absolutely nothing for it. The cause of your heartburn may be gluten or another allergy. If not a food allergy, see a good doctor to find out the actual cause. Itís possible that you have an infection that causes ulcers which is treatable with antibiotics.


Heartburn can be worsened by antacids. A stomach must have some acid in order to digest protein. Tums would artificially over-alkalize it resulting in the protein that is eaten not being broken down properly. That protein would then proceed through the digestive tract without being utilized, or even decay as the stomach is failed to break down the protein.

So the body has a solution: produce enough acid to overcome even the Tums! And so the cycle will repeat and the person gets addicted to Tums!

Assuming you have been checked out by a nutritionally savvy MD or chiropractor, and it is not really something else than heartburn, I suggest seeing a good nutritionist who can help bring about a balance of your bodyís minerals (Calcium in the Tums can cause an imbalance of minerals).


Read Cleanse and Purify Thyself by Richard Anderson and do the cleanse he recommends. You will no longer use Tums which are dangerous and can cause other problems in the body.


My best advice is to refer you to Adelle Davis's Let's Get Well, p. 83. Here she says, "...heartburn was associated with the excessive production of acid and was worse when the stomach was empty; it could also result from eating too much or too rapidly or when emotionally upset, but it was not caused by indigestion...", "... An ulcer cannot heal without Vit C...". See also p. 146 of the same book.

Also, in the same book again p. 84, "Almost any deficiency can cause ulcers... whether protein, vitamins A, B2, B6, E, choline, B5, or folic acid..."

I would suggest a good B complex made from whole foods plus at least 800 mg Vit. E and a whole foods vitamin C. This is actually my own handling. Plus good alkaline food (vs. acidic one) or at least the most balanced diet possible. I also drink lemon juice almost everyday. It's a great source of vitamin C and raises alkalinity in the body.

Stomach acid is always created by an excess of acidity, this is what needs to be re-balanced with proper ingredients (and relaxing vs. stress eventually).

Good Luck!


I find that if I eat a lot of breads, sugars, other starches will cause heartburn, so I limit intake of those things. Potatoes and potato chips don't seem to be a problem for me.


My son has suffered from heartburn for years; since he was 13 or 14 years old and he's now 24. Dr Garbutt in La Crescenta heard about his plight, gave him some supplements and two days later my son told me this is the first relief he's had in years. He has had NO heartburn in the last two days! He couldn't believe it and still can't because it has been such an ongoing, painful problem that he'd given up hope for a solution! 

He had tried everything and became a Tums addict which still wasn't doing the job but was the only way to get any relief at all.


For me the problem started to turn around after I read a book called The Water Cure or something like that written by an Indian fellow. He talked about drinking a glass of water about two hours after eating because that was when the discomfort would begin. I tried this and it did ease the discomfort, but wasn't enough for me.

What I discovered was that I was eating too fast and swallowing air which caused the discomfort. This really made sense to me because as the oldest in a family of nine. In order to get seconds we had to eat fast! I've always burped a lot too. Plus, I've had a number of teeth pulled in the back that were not replaced which made more work for my digestive system and exacerbated the problem.

The solution was simple: relax and slowly eat. This included not putting the next spoonful or fork full until I was through chewing and swallowing the previous one. This worked like a hot bomb. In the times that I did not pay attention to that, I would simply drink some bubbly water or some soda which would soon remedy the situation.


I had bad heartburn for a few months. It's very irritating and uncomfortable. When I stopped eating all cooked food and just drank raw veggie juice, raw eggs and raw hamburger, it went away within a couple of days. I did some experimentation and found that cooked grains and sugar set it off.


I used to have constant heartburn too. Then I read Natural Cures ĎTheyí Don't Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau. This book is a fantastic eye opener on Big Pharma and their doctors.

Kevin Trudeau totally explains why one gets heartburn in the first place. The remedy is made with organic apple cider vinegar. You can get the book online and at almost any bookstore.


The Cause of Acid Indigestion, Acid Reflux and Heartburn by Dr. Stephan Price

All of the above in the title are caused by incorrect digestion (indigestion) but before we discuss indigestion, I first want to explain digestion. Digestion is simply the processes of the digestive system that allow molecules of water to be placed in between the molecules of food. This prepares the food so that the food is small enough to be used by the body. 

There are two steps of digestion: 

1. Protein is broken down by acid in the stomach

2. Bile and enzymes break down the rest of the food in the small intestine into even smaller pieces, which is used right away or goes to the liver for further processing. The food then goes through the wall of the small intestine, into the blood stream and then moves out of the blood vessel wall and is used by individual cells of the body.
Indigestion means difficult or no digestion; the body canít break the food apart completely.

This is either caused by:

1. Not enough acid to break down the protein or, 

2. Not enough enzymes or bile to break down the rest of the food

Understand this: The major cause of indigestion is overeating. After the stomach is assaulted with a huge meal, it cannot process the large quantity of food easily since there is not enough acid to fully break down the protein.

As the food turns to a liquid it is very acidic, and because there is so much pressure moves back up the esophagus. This is what has come to be called acid reflux. Reflux meaning an abnormal backward flow of body fluids. This can also be caused by a flaw in the valve between the stomach and the esophagus.

The worst thing to take for acid reflux is an antacid because it will not allow your protein to digest and therefore the food that you ate will give you less nutrition. Most people with acid indigestion need more acid to get the job done faster and this can eliminate all the discomfort associated with indigestion.

The cause of indigestion is simply a lack of hydrochloric acid (HCL) and/or lack of water. See my earlier tip on water to ensure that you are drinking enough water.  Food that is not totally broken apart goes into the colon, rots, and causes putrid smells and toxins. 

HCL is the acid in the stomach used to digest protein and is available as a supplement. The body does not have a limitless amount of HCL. When you overeat at breakfast, the stomach produces a large amount of acid. Then at lunch the body is fatigued and it still makes some HCL and by dinner it is tired and canít produce enough. 

The chlorine in the hydrochloric acid is manufactured from salt. Some people who are on salt restricted diets usually donít have enough salt and should take HCL.

Symptoms of not enough HCL are bloating and acid indigestion. Fingernails that have long stripy bumps that come up the nail can indicate a chronic deficiency in HCL. Too much hydrochloric acid causes nausea.

Also, without enough HCL the body is unable to break protein down sufficiently, preventing calcium from being absorbed, which leads to weak discs, weak bones and leg and foot cramps.

Even though you might be taking calcium, you may not be absorbing it as the body needs a lot of HCL to properly absorb calcium. Then, the discs donít get enough protein, they weaken and that can then lead to neck and back problems and disc damage.

Solutions to Indigestion

1. Eat less food. Try this for one week. Just cut back on how much you usually eat. Smaller, more frequent meals are better for your system. The amount of protein ingested at each meal should not be more than the thickness and size of your palm.
2. Take 2 to 15 HCL tablets with each meal. HCL augments the acid that is used in the first step of the digestive process. This tablet is available from my office. 
3. Pancreatic enzymes are very important as they assist in the final step in the intestinal digestive process. These are also available at my office.
4. Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes also assist in the digestive process, but they are not as effective as pancreatic enzymes for this problem.

Dr. Price's contact info can be found in the Business Directory on this site.

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