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GUM DISEASE - Natural Remedies
19 Jun 13 - By TheRazzline Compilation

GUM DISEASE - Natural Remedies
Photograph by Paul Edmondson

Bleeding or sore gums? To floss or not to floss? What is this new swishy stuff?

This compilation of advice and remedies from members of TheRazzLine is sure to be useful to anyone with a mouth!

GUM DISEASE - Natural Remedies

Remove TARTAR from teeth
Kill BACTERIA under gum line
Reduce depth of GUM POCKETS
Encourage BONE to regrow
Encourage GUMS back to their natural location


Read the book Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel You will be surprised why we do not do it in the civilized world.

Bacteria is gone by using Tooth and Gum drops. Also I used bentonite clay. Also, some people were successful in Hungary with MMS drops. (This is not MSM.)


You can start by buying the Tooth & Gum formula at Organic Solutions. Contact

I have been doing research on the bone aspect as my daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Periodontis - major bone loss around the 1st molars and a vicious bacteria that causes the bone loss. 

In my research so far, carrot juice is supposed to help get bone to grow and of course minerals - organic calcium (meaning get it from fresh, raw veggies as your body can really absorb this kind). Just make sure you are getting enough organic sodium so your body can assimilate the calcium - a couple glasses a day of celery juice handles this!!


Contact Winston Kao in Clearwater Florida. He has the exact handle for this. He's a genius. His website is

There's also a product called "Bio-Dent" from Standard Process (available in a chiro office) that is amazing for teeth problems.


Dr. Ray Behm has some very helpful information on his website: Check out "the Secret".


I've always had problems with my gums. I tried different things but nothing really worked. Then I started to drink Kangen water. After some weeks my gums were handled.

My dentist said that my gums improved 100%. She thought it was from better cleaning. But indeed I cleaned them less, just drank the water.


Really the best remedy is daily flossing! That may sound too simple, but it works. And if you have bad periodontal disease, do flossing along with mouth wash.

Also take in Aloe Vera juice, swish around and hold it in your mouth and then spit out, followed by drinking a new bit of aloe vera juice.

I had periodontal disease and handled it by buying a Phillips Sonic tooth brush that had fantastic statistics on handling pockets.

The teeth cleaner technician told me that the Phillips Sonic tooth brush is almost as good as flossing and is practically like flossing your teeth, etc. It is a bit pricey, but it is worth every penny of it because after switching to that, my pockets reduced in size.  


You might try the 'Tooth and Gum Powder' from Evans Garden,

Their products are all organic and handmade and the powder has some great healing benefits. There are testimonials under 'Description' on the product page.


CORRECTLY used Kangen Water may help your body to do that.  I have been attending science classes on it and there is quite a bit to know.

There have been studies where even osteoporosis has been totally reversed with bone density going back to 100% - even in old bodies.  Also, you may be doing things to bring about the deterioration, so it may be important to learn about that.


I had "bleeding" gums for years. Then I found a hygienist who cleaned the tarter from below the gum line; it took four visits, one hour each. After that, I started using Glacial Blue Oil to brush my teeth.

I don't floss but I do use tooth picks to get rid of the gunk. Since I had that first visit, I no longer have bleeding gums. My gums are now tighter and pink/healthier.


Check out


One thing is peroxide, the other is baking soda.  


What helped and actually grew back some bone and gums in my mouth:

1. Floss at least once a day.
2. Brush teeth after every meal.
3. Rinse with full strength Listerine for at least 20 seconds or as long as you can stand the burn. (I can go almost a minute)
4. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide once a day. There are stronger mouth washes you can get from your dentist.
Check with your nutritionist on what vitamins to take that will help boost your immune system to handle any current infections. (Red gums)



The Perfect Prescription for Your Teeth

Dr. Stahl Complete Emergency Dental Kit

Natural dental products

Tooth Savior™ Mouth Soap
Click on "The Secret"

Receding gums:


Check out this book by Ramiel Nagel. He has answers.  You can Google him and get a free E-course which covers a lot of the book. Also look at Weston Price's research.


Dr Schulze has a long post on his blog on how to deal with gum disease the natural way. His blog is at

On the left click on SEARCH BY DISEASE OR ILLNESS and then pick GUM


Hands down!!!  Dr. Richard Schulze's "Tooth & Gum" Formula.
It's listed 2nd on the list.

It's a miracle worker : )  I put 5 drops in a little plastic bottle cap and add 2 drops of water. I use a product called G.U.M. (available in most discount stores that sell products for teeth). They are Soft-Picks that are clinically proven to remove plaque.

I dip one in the Tooth & Gum and insert it between my teeth, moving it back and forth several times between each tooth.  (If your gums are inflamed, etc. it might be a little uncomfortable the first few times.)  You can see improvement within a couple of days. It's THE BOMB : )


To stop gum disease try Perio-Protect which uses hydrogen peroxide. It's very effective, in some cases almost miraculous. There's a DDS in the Los Angeles area who does it. I think his name is Keropian. Brushing with plain old dirt-cheap baking soda is a great remedy and has also been shown to prevent cavities, too.

If you have loss of gum tissue, I personally know of no way to handle that except tissue grafts. I had that done on 2 teeth and it does work. They use your own tissue from another part of your mouth and no heavy anesthesia is required, but it's not cheap. I've never heard of any treatment, natural or otherwise that restores bone.
One thing I learned from a dentist I worked for is do not smoke. Whatever chemistry is in the smoke is apparently absorbed by the body and actually decreases the blood circulation in the gums.


Xtra by Univera has worked wonders for me. It took about 3 months before I noticed a difference. But, in all fairness, it was really a side effect. I had severe bleeding gums and pretty serious gum disease. After taking this for a few months I went to a new dentist.

My old dentist had told me my gums were in terrible shape. When I asked my new dentist how they were, his comment was "not too bad". He told me the scale went from 0 to 5. 0 being perfect and basically no one is a 0, and 5, meaning your teeth were falling out of your mouth. He figured that I used to be a 4. He told me I was now a 1. I was amazed.

That was about 5 years ago and I'm doing great still. At my cleaning last week I was told my gums were in really good shape.

I've done the research on the product and the things that make the biggest difference are the anti-inflammatory processes and the blueberries in it. You can research those in relation to gum disease on the net.

It's called Xtra by an awesome company called Univera. There's a 90 day money back guarantee.Here's the link


For gum disease OramPlus works wonders. You can read about it here:
If there is bone loss, the Standard Process supplement Biost.


I have a medicinal mushroom called Chaga which is a great anti-inflammatory for the whole body. These are drops you take twice a day with water or food and you can also put some extra on to the gum directly.


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